YTD Standings

Standings through first tournament of 2017 schedule
Place 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2017 Points
1st Josh Schroeder Chad Pabody Brad Beridon HB DeJean Barry Roger 1182
2nd Brad Beridon Brad Beridon HB Dejean Brad Beridon Bruce Ganer 1170
3rd HB Dejean Josh Schroeder Josh Schroeder Josh Schroeder George Hanst 1134
4th Chad Pabody HB Dejean Barry Roger George Doty Curtis Petty 961
5th Barry Roger Mike Albertson Mike Albertson Curtis Petty HB DeJean 939
6th Bruce Ganer Bruce Ganer Tan Guidry Bruce Ganer Brian Garber 912
7th Gerry Apanowicz Barry Roger Bruce Ganer Gerry Apanowicz Josh Schroeder 720
8th Mike Albertson Curtis Petty Curtis Petty George Hanst George Doty 678
9th George Doty Leonard Worden Gerry Apanowicz Barry Roger Gerry Apanowicz 542
10th Mike Barjenbruch Jim Bienvenu George Hanst Mike Albertson Mike Albertson 477

Fishing, fellowship and friendly competion for oil industry employees!